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Rolls Royce – keychain with badge connected to a nickel plated snakechain

NOW SOLD – sorry this keychain has now been sold and can no longer be ordered

A Rolls Royce keychain which will have been produced quite some time ago – but we are unsure of the exact date – please check the description below.

When this keychain has been sold this listing will be cancelled.

This Rolls Royce keychain is in mint condition with a small nickel plated enamel badge connected to a keyring clasp by means of a plated snakechain.

The badge measures just over 1″ ( 35mm ) in height and the length of the snakechain excluding badge & clasp is just under 3″ ( 75mm ) .

The badge is the same badge as commonly used on late 1950s Rolls Royce keyrings :  and keychains like this one pre-dated leather keyrings by a few years .

This would date this keychain as having been produced in the mid 1950s and it probably was produced then.

However we always err on the side of caution and after all these years of dealing with vintage keyrings a sixth sense tells us that this keychain could have been produced at a later date than that !

It is in such good condition & the snakechain is so flexible and longer than most that we see.

It came to us as a separate item – not with other early Rolls Royce keyrings .

We do wonder if this could have been produced as a ‘retro’ item in the 1970s- possibly for sale through an owner’s club or as an item of jewellery.

Whatever the truth – it is an outstanding item and the only one that we have ever come across.

We have priced it assuming that it is not an original 1950s keychain- so could be quite a bargain !  SMOSO  00/54    10/21