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Saab Scania - original old stock 1984 - 2000 badge keyring

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We do not make our own Saab Scania keyfob enamel badges- the badges fitted to the keyfobs in this listing are genuine original badges dating from between 1984 and 2000.

Original Saab keyrings from the 1980s and 1990s are becoming scarce and the enamel in the badge – which was resin based – usually has a few slight imperfections.

Original Saab resin enamel badges were rarely perfect even when new.

There are usually very small flaws – but these are only visible under close scrutiny.

We keep a stock of original re-polished Saab Scania enamel badges available for remounting onto our leather keyfobs.

These Saab Scania badges were issued on keyfobs over quite a long period and a few small detail design changes to the badges did take place with regards to the style of the metal loop on top of the badge. Some of the badges have a polished back, some have a textured finish on the back whilst others have a serial no. with instructions to place the keys & keyring in the post back to Saab if found lost.

The keyring which you receive may have any of these badges fitted depending on what stock we have at the time.

If we run out of badges then this online shop listing is removed – whilst you can see the listing then we have badges to offer !

We regret that the price of these keyfobs has unavoidably had to rise – but since the demise of Saab the price we have to pay for good original examples of the Saab Scania keyfob badge have risen in some cases to the level at which we are selling the remounted badge !

There are usually a  few keyrings with damaged or scruffy  badges available on ebay if you prefer something a bit cheaper !

Available mounted onto our teardrop and classic rectangular keyfob badges in all of our leather colours. 59/92       11/20