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Scarce Coombs of Guildford original 1960s keyfob badge by J.FRAY remounted onto a new leather keyfob


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The badge mounted onto this keyring has a very slight flake of nickel plating missing from the base of the first ( wide ) horizontal bar below the leather mounting hinge.

This can hardly be seen at life size but can be seen in the high definition enlarged photos in the listing.

This keyring has an original badge which is offered remounted onto a new leather keyfob – it must not be confused with a completely original Coombs keyring like the one shown as a reference item .

Our original Coombs keyring can be seen here in this Jaguar section of our website shop as a reference only item together with the full description of the Coombs of Guildford keyring which is not repeated here.

That keyring is one of only 2 original examples which we have ever seen and is not being offered for sale.

In addition to those 2 keyrings we have also gathered together 3 loose badges over the years – 2 made by J.Fray of Birmingham and the other made by Caxton of Kew.

The keyring offered here for sale in this listing has one of the badges made by J.Fray mounted onto it- the other one has now been sold.

We have gone to considerable effort to remount this badge onto a keyfob which is as close to the original one as we can manage.

The leather used for the original was black hair cell leather which we have replicated with new black hair cell leather and have skived it to exactly the same thickness.

The original ‘peardrop’ keyfob shape has been closely followed and we have even used vintage linen thread of the correct natural colour & thickness which will be as old as the badge itself for handstitching the leather.

Quite a proportion of our work involves remounting customer’s original keyfob badges onto new leather keyfobs .

This remounted Coombs badge keyring is about as close to the original as it is possible to get .

When this keyring with this original badge made by J.Fray has been sold this listing will be cancelled.