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Triumph TR5 - vitreous enamel TR250 USA export badge keyring



Most of the world got the 150bhp fuel injected 2.5 litre engine in the TR5 but a different engine was fitted to those cars which were exported to USA.

America received a twin carburettor version of the 2.5 litre engine in order to comply with the emissions regulations current at that time.

The Triumph TR5 which was exported to USA was called the TR250 and these cars actually outsold the TR5 by a factor of 3 to 1.

Correspondingly a keyfob badge for these USA export TR5s was made by an American badgemaking firm known as Craftsman and the badge you see here on these keyrings is an exact replica of these badges.

We do hold an original example of the Craftsman TR5 badge in our reference collection.

The badges in this listing are offered mounted onto our classic rectangular ( as shown in the photos ) teardrop & slimline teardrop keyfob shapes and in all of our leather colours.

We are very grateful to Marc of Triumph Owner’s Club France for his advice & assistance in the production of this keyring.