Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

Triumph TR5



For the TR5 – Triumph up-dated their badging & deleted the ‘Triumph’ lettering from the badge. The new badge was an inverted trapezium shape with ‘TR5’ represented in polished chrome.

Our jewellery quality vitreous enamel badge uses the logos which featured on the cars at the time.

Photographing the badge seems difficult because of reflections from the polished chrome plating in the badge !

With only around 800 cars known to exist on the roads world wide – you may think it was a brave move for us to make a keyring specially for the TR5 ?
Well all we can tell you is that over 20% of the cars on the road now use one of our keyrings as we are on our 4th batch of 50 badges !

Available as a hinged or inlaid enamel badge ( you will see both types in the group photo ) mounted onto our teardrop, shield and classic rectangular keyfob shapes.

Any of our leather colours can be selected.