Original Vintage & Restored Leather Keyrings for Classic Cars & Motorcycles


Vintage tan pigskin leather teardrop keyrings


We are offering these teardrop keyrings made in genuine vintage tan pigskin leather .

Full grain pigskin leather of this quality seems impossible to find nowadays – years ago it was occasionally used for keyrings intended for prestige marques such as Aston Martin & Jaguar and also for making wallets etc.

Some very high quality items such as gun cases for the very best makes of shotgun were also made of pigskin leather .

Pigskin leather was ( and is ! ) a luxury material prized for it’s appearance and texture and also it’s durability which is ideal for keyrings which are small items which receive a lot of handling.

The small stock of this pigskin leather which we have came from a closed Midlands factory which had been using the material for covering hip flasks and was already vintage material having been in stock at the factory for many years .

Natural pigskin leather is a relatively thin but very tough material – for this reason we have to use two bonded laminations of pigskin leather to give the correct thickness of leather which customers have come to expect of our keyrings.

These keyrings are supplied plain without our embossed stamp.

Sadly we will be unable to continue making these pigskin leather keyrings for much longer as we cannot source any more pigskin leather of the quality required.