restored and original vintage leather keyrings
for classic cars and motorcycles


The leather keyrings which we restore are provided with new saddlery hide keyfobs which are stitched by hand using linen thread.


Made in England

In our leather workshops


Keyring Workshop

Where our keyrings are made


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Keyrings listed in our shop are either original vintage keyrings or have original enamel badges which we have remounted onto new leather keyfobs.

The leatherwork is carried out here in our workshop using tried and trusted methods and using tools and materials which leather saddlers from a couple of centuries ago would be quite familiar with.

in fact they could probably take over from where we left off!

Customer Testimonials

One can buy a car key ring from almost anywhere but I could not find one that satisfied my taste and eye for quality until I found Classic Leather Fobs. Not cheap, but it is the norm today to know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. The packaging is superb and everything about the service provided has an air of quality. As to the fobs themselves, they make my car feel complete and each time I handle the keys, I feel a certain satisfaction. This may sound "sad" to some but to me it just reassures me that there are people out there who "play fair" and provide a fantastic product and great service. As to the cost?.......worth every penny in my opinion.
Just received the keyrings. For a fussy guy who buys a lot of stuff on the internet .....I can honestly say that dealing with you and your company has been the best internet experience I have ever had and with outstanding product quality ( absolutely brilliant !)
My keyrings arrived today - I am speechless - the photos do not do these justice! The craftsmanship is unbelievable. These are serious little works of art which should be displayed at all times.
The second thing which I enjoy when starting my old Alfa Romeo is hearing the engine burst into life. The first pleasure is handling that handmade leather keyring again as I walk to the garage.