Frequently asked questions

I would like to order a key ring for a vehicle which is not on your list - can you help please ?
Very possibly. We hold a large stock of original enamels and badges relating to most makes of car - and can often mount one of these onto a new leather fob of your choice.
If you would like a key fob for a vehicle which is not on our list - please message us or telephone !

How long will it take to send my order?
Your order will be shipped within 14 days.

Do you ship Worldwide?
Yes! Most certainly! There cannot be many countries which our key rings have not been shipped to.

What finish will the split ring be in?
Nickel finish is standard for nickel and chrome finish enamels. For gilt finish enamels we use genuine 22 carat gold split rings. You can have either - just ask in special requirements section on order form.

Your split rings are 30mm. Can I have a slightly smaller one on my key ring please?
Certainly. You can have 28mm at no extra cost. Please just ask at time of ordering.

All I have is an old enamel with a loop in it. The leather has disappeared. Can you help?
Yes! Click Restoration of your original key ring.

I have a business selling cars. Could you make me my own key ring to give each person who buys a car from me?
Yes! Please click Bespoke key rings made to your design

Will you be making key rings for motorcycles?
We hope to offer a range in the future - but in the meantime we can probably help as we already have a range of motorcycle key fob badges in stock - and can often mount them on a smaller leather fob than we use for the cars. Please enquire.

What do you mean by 'handmade'? Surely you use a sewing machine. Who makes them?
Sorry to disappoint you - but we don't even own a sewing machine !! A sewing machine would not replicate the locked saddle stitch which we use - and would not achieve the tension or the exact precision of stitching on a small item such as a leather key fob. Handmade means handmade. When there's a power cut - we just carry on making them regardless. No machinery needed. The chap you see at shows and speak to on the 'phone makes them.

Why don't you have the key rings made in a part of the world where production costs and labour are cheaper ?
This sounds like a logistical nightmare to me !
Many of the cars which we make key rings for were made in England.
Morgan Motor Co. still seem to be managing perfectly well !

Your keyrings appear to be very expensive compared to what I can buy on ebay
This is a very common comment - almost always from a person who has yet to become a customer. Once you become an owner of one of our keyrings then you'll understand why they cost more. The commonly used term 'keyring' or 'keyfob' does not adequately describe our product. Every one of our keyrings is an individually hand made and hand stitched item - made from the very best materials available.It is not made to compete with and cannot be compared to a mass produced item being sold on ebay. There are far more expensive (and not necessarily better made or designed) keyrings to be had - try Mulberrry or Paul Smith!

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