Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

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What You Have Said

MG Key Ring
One can buy an MG key ring from almost anywhere but I could not find one that satisfied my taste and eye for quality until I found Classic Leather Fobs. Not cheap, but it is the norm today to know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. In my case, I was delighted to receive the fobs from you (in very short order). The packaging is superb and everything about the service you provide has an air of quality which I am sure is what you set out to achieve. As to the fobs themselves, they make my MG feel complete and each time I handle the keys, I feel a certain satisfaction. This may sound "sad" to some but to me it just reassures me that there are people out there who "play fair" and provide a fantastic product and great service. As to the cost?.......worth every penny in my opinion.
David Ashton
United Kingdom
Leather Key Rings
Just received the keyrings. For a fussy guy who buys a lot of stuff on the internet..... I can honestly say that dealing with you & your company has been the best internet experience I have ever had: Outstanding product quality ( absolutely brilliant ! ), Excellent client care & communications. All great ! You obviously completely understand customer service & have impeccable attention to detail.
Scott Harmer
Hong Kong. Macquarie Group
Jaguar Keyfob
The Jaguar keyfob arrived today and I'm completely delighted with it. Apart from receiving a beautifully crafted bespoke object, your service, expertise, business integrity and special touches (carefully wrapped and packed together with a handwritten ink-on-paper note) has made the whole shopping experience the very best indeed.
Montreal, Canada
Alfa Romeo Keyfobs
Alfa Romeo keyfobs arrived today - you are a magician - keyfobs are so beautiful!"
Monterofondo, Italy
Original Peugeot Keyfob
Original Peugeot keyfob arrived today. I couldn't be happier with it. Quite simply it is fantastic and a testament to your skill as a craftsman.
Matt Reid
Triumph Keyfob
Triumph keyfob arrived today - exceeded my expectations! I never thought I would be excited about a keyfob but this is one of the coolest things I've gotten.
Heath Bjordahl
Abarth Keyfob
Just wanted to say thank you for the Abarth keyfob. The quality is fantastic. It must be hard to make something as 'normal' as a keyfob feel luxurious - but you've managed it.
Jason Cole
Leather Keyfobs
Keyfobs have arrived and the quality is outstanding. The leather and stitching are perfect and the enamels are beautiful. They even smell great. I could not be happier.
Steve Mayer
Potomac, USA
AC Keyfobs
AC keyfobs have arrived - superb craftsmanship. I will own then with pride.
Steve Scherner
Napa, California
Leather Keyfobs
Words cannot adequately express how pleased we all are with the keyfobs which arrived today. The quality cannot be fully appreciated until holding one and smelling the leather. Fantastic attention to detail combined with professional pride - qualities which I sensed early on in my dealings with you.
Leather Keyfobs
Thank you so much for the wonderful keyfob which I shall use in my work as a courier in my new Ford Transit. Your craftsmanship is a wonderful expression of individuality in a world of mass production and over-similarity.
Paul Harris
Thames Ditton, England
Leather Keyfobs, Jaguar 'Growler'
I have received the two keyfobs and the quality is far better than expected - especially the Jaguar 'Growler' which is amazing ! The quality of the leather and the craftmanship is superb!
Robert Shatka
Toronto Canada
Leather Keyfobs
Your keyfobs are a unique piece of art - that's for sure
Bjoern Scholz
Hamburg Germany
Leather Keyfobs
Just to let you know the two keyfobs arrived today - Awesome work ! Very impressed and pleased by the quality and attention to detail ! Keep up the good work.
Cyril Von Arx
Leather Keyfobs
Thanks for making such a fine product - a rare thing these days
Joel McKee
Daimler Keychain
Received my Daimler keychain in today's mail. It is absolutely stunning
Steve Schwarz
New York USA
Leather Keyfobs
The keyfob arrived yesterday & I am thrilled with it - a superbly crafted item !
Michael Hartnell
Sydney Australia
Jaguar Key Ring
The key fob is even better than I thought it would be ! The green leather with red stitching is a stunning combination and your craftsmanship is of the highest standards. I have already taken a photo of it and will forward it to my Jaguar dealership with a recommendation to offer it to its clients either as standard or at least as an option.
Leather Keyfobs
Just a quick word to say thanks for the keyfob which arrived this week. It's a deceptively tactile thing & I seem to find myself turning it over in my hand a great deal
Cambridge UK
Jaguar Key Ring
Was I surprised when the Jaguar fob arrived yesterday ! Such nice handiwork, a fine piece of art. Looks very classy, vintage, authentic. I would say no classic car driver or admirer can go without a fob like the ones you make. Top class !
Marco Schmitz
The Netherlands
Bristol Key Ring
I got my Bristol Key ring today and to say that I'm pleased with it is an understatement ! It's worth every penny- the look - the smell and the feel of it are wonderful. Thankyou very much.

Triumph Stag Key Ring
The keyfob arrived today at our address in Australia and I am thrilled with it. The workmanship is beautiful.
Victoria Australia
Wolseley Key Ring
Received the key fob yesterday & I'm very pleased with both the fob and with the service. It's so refreshing to deal with someone direct who provides a quality product with good service.
Austin Mini Key Ring
I have received the key fob. Everything has gone in the best way. It is a very fine object and I am very satisfied by your work.
Austin Healey Key Ring
The key ring has arrived safely and I'm delighted with it. It is not often these days that one can find someone who provides an excellent service. Your service and quality of work are exemplary.
Austin Key Ring
The keychain just arrived so it didn't take longer 4 days. I'm really happy with it and it's a beautiful handwork.
Re-leather Lagonda Enamel On New Fob
The key fob has arrived, I am really pleased with the result. It should be hanging on display rather than hanging in the car. One very satisfied customer.
Cobra Key Ring
Wow ! This is one cool key chain !
San Francisco USA
Mini Key Ring
It reminds me of keyrings I had years ago
Rotherham UK
Jaguar Key Ring
I've just received my key fob (only ordered 2 days ago) & am delighted. What a beautifully crafted little object it is !
British Racing Green Jaguar Teardrop
Thankyou for the quality of workmanship displayed in this key chain. It is really handsome and will look great with my XKE. My daughter always buys great individualized Christmas presents - and this year she has scored a home run.
John Renfrow
Houston Texas
Jaguar Teardrop In Russian Leather
My key fob has arrived (postal strikes here in NL) and I am delighted with it ! It really surpasses my expectations. Saw it today in natural daylight - and it's even better ! I will post a pic on our Jaguar forum. It's not difficult to trust the seller on your web site. It's obvious you are not a large scale company and that you are catering for a particular kind of customer.
Bas Homans
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Several Specially Made Key Rings
Indeed - I felt full confidence in you when I saw your interest in my order and honesty in your comments. I have been looking at all the pieces comprising my order - one by one - and I'm very happy and proud to be the owner of these car key rings. I would also like to thank you for your patience and high interest in my order - which has made possible to get what I wanted - even exceeding my expectations !!
Marc Serruya
Spain. Pres. Honda-eu