Original Vintage & Restored Leather Keyrings for Classic Cars & Motorcycles


Restoration of your original keyring

Our Leather Restoration Services

A major part of our work is remounting customer’s own badges onto new leather keyfobs.

If you have an original keyring with a worn out, damaged or generally tatty leather fob – then we can usually provide it with a new handstitched leather fob using any of our standard keyfob designs and leather colours ( apart from the torpedo keyfob shape ) at a very reasonable price.

The keyring will then be ready for many more years of service . If you would like the shape of your original leather fob to be copied exactly ( apart from torpedo shape ) – then this can usually be achieved at a small additional cost to cover the hand cutting, setting out and leather matching.

Please email us at richard@classicleatherfobs.co.uk or ‘phone us on 01790 763247 to discuss.

A customer in USA ‘updated’ his original 50 year old keyfob badges by having them remounted onto pink & purple leather keyfobs !

In the unlikely event of the badge being lost in the post on it’s way for remounting or on it’s way back to the customer or arriving damaged or being damaged during remounting then our liability is limited to the cost of remounting which we have charged . On no account are we liable for any other estimate of the badge’s value. 

Due to the recent rise in value of many original keyfob badges and problems in the past with posting/ shipping of customer’s own badges we regret that we are unable to accept potentially valuable badges for remounting .

There have been cases where customers have sent a valuable badge for remounting and the badge has got lost on it’s way to us or on it’s way back from us to the customer .

The customer then holds us financially responsible for the value of the lost badge even though we were only receiving a comparatively small price for remounting it !

We are re-mounting badges which are not particularly valuable all the time and charging the same as we would charge for remounting a valuable badge .

It is just not worth our while to take this risk with a valuable badge .

Really sorry – but this decision has had to be made .

Badges for remounting are only accepted on the condition that in the most unlikely event of them going missing during shipping our liability is restricted to the quoted value of the work which we are to carry out or have carried out. By ticking the acceptance of our terms & conditions box at the time of payment for the work you are confirming that this condition is fully understood.

We regret we are unable to remount badges onto the torpedo keyfob shape .

We do not repair damage to the badge enamel ( we are leatherworkers ) but can provide you with the details of a Company here in England who may be able to help .