The standard splitring now fitted to our entire range of keyrings is a semi-bevelled edge round wire splitring which is typical of what was used at the time.

The size selected is appropriate to the size of keyfob and the plated finish matches the plating on the enamel badge.

These are top quality UK produced splitrings which have the correct tensile strength for the job.

If you would prefer a flat splitring then please ask for this at the time of ordering (no extra charge & we do read your messages!)

Flat split ring

Flat split ring

Round wire splitring

Round wire splitring

Here’s the difference – Flat split rings fitted to MG keyrings on the left, Round wire splitrings fitted to MG keyrings on the right.

Mr.C.Marion 010

Using one of our keyrings with a modern Remote

Sometimes a customer would like to use one of our keyrings with a remote as used with many modern cars like the VW & BMW examples in the following photo.

Due to the thickness of the splitrings which we use combined with the very narrow slot
often provided by the manufacturer of the remote it may be necessary to use a smaller
and thinner splitring as a bridge link- as can be seen in the photo.

If you think you may need one of these smaller splitrings as well – please let us know at time of ordering. No extra charge!

25mm bridgelink 001