Original Vintage & Restored Leather Keyrings for Classic Cars & Motorcycles



Types of Splitrings

The splitrings fitted to original vintage automotive keyrings were generally high quality round wire splitrings like the example in the photo.

We will always fit a round wire splitring in an appropriate size & finish to keyrings with original vintage badges which we have remounted onto new leather keyfobs.

If you you would prefer your keyring to have a particular splitring – flat or round wire – please let us know at the time of ordering- please note that the flat splitrings which we use are only available in 28mm & 30mm diameter sizes .

We only use top quality UK made splitrings which have the correct tensile strength.

The splitrings which we use are either in a bright nickel plated finish or are gold plated with genuine 18 ct gold – this sounds rather expensive but isn’t – due to the micro thickness of the gold plating !

Traditional brass plating soon tends to tarnish whereas gold plating remains bright .

Flat splitring

Round wire splitring