Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

Terms & Conditions


When placing your order you will be asked to accept the following terms and conditions by ticking the box marked ‘I accept the terms and conditions’.

By ticking the box you are accepting the following terms and conditions :

Shipping and shipping times

Your keyring will usually be shipped within a few days unless Richard is very busy with orders or is away.

Unless your keyring is clearly described as being an original vintage keyring which is already in stock – that keyring has to be made and this does take time.

If you need your keyring urgently – please check with us BEFORE placing the order. Time and again customers place the order and then tell us that it is urgent .

Shipping is by UK Royal Mail which has served us well for 10 years.

UPS, Fedex etc are quicker but are far too expensive for a small and generally relatively inexpensive item like a keyring. We cannot use UPS, Fedex etc as we do not have accounts set up with them. Once your keyring is shipped there is absolutely nothing we can do to hasten the delivery – we are not driving the post van or flying the aeroplane which is carrying your keyring !

Thankfully the keyrings almost always eventually arrive safely all over the world.

Orders which fail to arrive within 30 days of having being shipped will be refunded in full provided tracked postage or shipping was selected at the time of placing the order.

Remounting customer's own badges onto new leather keyfobs

We accept customer’s own badges for remounting onto new leather keyfobs subject to the following conditions :-
In the unlikely event of the badge being lost in the post or arriving damaged or being damaged during remounting then our liability is limited to the cost of remounting which we have charged you . On no account are we liable for any other estimate of the badge’s value.

There has been one instance where we remounted a customer’s Jaguar badge onto a new leather keyfob and that customer then listed the keyring on an internet auction site describing it as an original vintage new old stock keyring.

In a case like this we cannot be held responsible for what the end user chooses to do with any keyring made by us.

Our own reproduction Jaguar badges are mounted onto leather keyfobs plainly stamped with our details so that they cannot be confused with originals.


Licensing & Copyright

The licensing of many of the car and motorcycle badge designs on the keyrings which we produce is handled by British Heritage and our badgemaker is licensed to produce keyfob badges accordingly.

In the case of keyrings for other car and motorcycle manufacturers not covered by the above licensing we only list original vintage keyrings or original vintage keyfob badges which we have remounted onto new leather keyfobs for sale in our website shop. 

Our intention is to provide owners of classic cars and motorcycles with classic keyrings to use with their vehicles and not to intentionally infringe licensing or copyright. 

In the event of a manufacturer’s representative or licence holder needing to contact us then we are very easily and readily contactable by email or telephone.

We are proud to have provided a service to owners & manufactures alike for over 10 years and have had contact with most manufacturers representatives during that time all of whom understand that we are a very small one-man business producing high quality products in very small quantities.

Additionally we have made small runs of keyrings under licence for many of these manufacturers who appreciate the service which we provide.

Accuracy of descriptions of original & vintage keyrings

Regular customers worldwide (many of whom have dealt with us for many years) know that we adhere to the strictest codes of integrity in the descriptions which we provide in the website shop listings.

Descriptions and date estimates are given to the very best of our knowledge and are based on our many years experience of dealing with, evaluating and valuing original and vintage automotive keyrings. 

As with all fields including the world of antiques and art – cases of forgeries and deliberate deceit do exist.

Thankfully there have been no instances known to us where we have sold a reproduction keyring as an original vintage item or have mis-described a keyring.

In the very rare cases where any doubt exists regarding the provenance of a keyring we will always express those doubts in the listing description and err on the side of caution.

As in the case of any of the keyrings which we offer for sale – if a customer is not completely satisfied with their purchase for any reason then we will offer a replacement or refund without question.

Safety issues relating to the use of your keyring

Keyrings are not playthings and like any small item could cause a choking hazard if placed in the mouth.  Customers are asked to keep keyrings away from children and any vulnerable person. 

Customers are also requested to satisfy themselves that the use of a keyring on the key in the ignition of their vehicle could not contribute to a loss of control of the vehicle howsoever caused.

Customs fees & charges

Customs fees and charges based on the value of an item vary from country to country.  Customers must accept any charges which become due when the item arrives in their own country.  

Under no circumstances will we undervalue an item when stating the value on the customs form.  In many countries customs will require sight of the original invoice from the customer before releasing the item.

Orders can only be accepted on the clear understanding that the above terms and conditions have been read and fully understood and that the customer has indicated acceptance by ticking the ‘terms & conditions’ box before placing the order.