Original vintage and restored leather keyrings
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Austin 1100 - original new old stock early 1960s torpedo keyring


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Original vintage Austin 1100 torpedo keyrings which will have been produced in the 1960s.

When these keyrings have been sold this listing will be cancelled – just 2 left

These are original new old stock torpedo keyfobs dating from between 1963 to about 1965.

We have 4 no. to offer.

They are in brand new condition having been in store for 50 years .

The vitreous enamel badges are as vibrant as the day they were fired and the stitching in the leather fobs is as good & tight as the day they were stitched.

They were made by the famous CUD ( Castle Union Developments) Co. of Leicester, England- whose brand mark is engraved on the back of the badges.

We have never seen any other examples and would be surprised to learn that any others exist in this un-used condition.

Original & correct for 1963 onwards Austin 1100.

If your car is one of the best – then it deserves one of these keyfobs which will cost about the same as  a few gallons of petrol