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Bristol - 2 Litre original vintage pre-1961 vitreous enamel lapel badge


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We are not licensed by Bristol Cars Ltd to reproduce the Bristol logo and none of the keyrings or badges listed here for sale in this website shop feature Bristol  badges with the Bristol logo which have been made by us.

This is an original vintage lapel dating from the mid to late 1950s and certainly before 1961. This badge has not been made by us !

As well as making our own ranges of keyrings we also source and offer vintage keyrings and badges for sale in this website shop.

We are offering here the only example of this Bristol lapel badge which we have ever seen over the last 10 years of dealing in vintage keyrings and badges.

Over that period we have seen just two original Bristol 2 litre keyrings – the first one of which having been sold to a customer with a 2 litre car in USA in early 2019.

Since then a 2nd one has appeared and is listed here in this Bristol section of our website shop unless now sold.

The lapel badge in this listing is in superb condition and could be new old stock in which case it may never have been issued and used.

It is of diminutive size – measuring just half an inch ( 14mm) in diameter !

It is a triumph of the vitreous enameller’s art – showcasing the high standard which British enamellers had risen to over 50 years ago.

The vitreous enamel is jewellery grade and was made in Birmingham’s  jewellery quarter – we can just make out the word ‘Birmingham’ on the gilt horseshoe.

We have struggled to read the rest of the inscription which will reveal the maker’s name but have not succeeded . In all probability it will read either J.Fray or Fattorini – but we just cannot see !

The badge is in mint condition and has the horseshoe shaped appendage on the back which fits through the lapel ‘buttonhole’ of the wearer’s jacket.

In the late 1950s owners and drivers of Bristol cars would almost certainly be wearing a sports jacket and a subtle little badge like this would be sufficient for like-minded owners to recognise one another at functions .

Contrast this to the current fashion of proclaiming ownership ( or lack of ownership ! ) of cars with garish artwork on tee-shirts etc – not to mention tattoos !

This lapel badge is original & correct for the owner of any pre-1961 Bristol 2 litre motor car using the Bristol built derivative of the BMW M328 2 litre 6 cylinder engine to wear .

In 1961 use of this 2 litre engine was discontinued in favour of the Chrysler 407 V8 engine which became fitted to the Bristol 407.

The lapel badge in the photos is the actual one which you will receive ( obviously !)

It has been in our own private collection since 2011 and the price reflects what we paid for it all those years ago.

When it has been sold then this listing will cancel.