Individually Handmade Keyrings For Classic Vehicles Made Here In England & Shipped Worldwide

Bristol - Bristol Cars Ltd keyrings

Please note that Bristol keyrings of our own manufacture are not available to buy from this website shop.

We do not hold a licence to produce any Bristol badge or logo.

We did make two batches of keyrings under the direction of Bristol Cars and these were only available direct from Bristol themselves.

These had the three cornered leather keyfob which Bristol used for their keyrings many years ago as in the photo.

Any Bristol keyrings which we now offer in this shop will be one-off original vintage items or remounted original vintage keyfob badges .

The keyrings which we produced for Bristol Cars were ordered in our vintage black leather and also burgundy leather and the leather was bonded rather than stitched which added a fresh contemporary flavour to the design.

Bristol design never did stand still – even when it came to keyrings.

The photos show the keyrings which were only available for purchase direct from Bristol Cars themselves .

We regret that the current Bristol keyrings are not available from this website shop.