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Bristol - original vintage pre-1961 Bristol 2 litre keyring - collector's item


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We are not licensed by Bristol Cars Ltd to reproduce the Bristol logo and none of the keyrings listed here for sale in this website shop feature Bristol keyfob badges with the Bristol logo which have been made by us.

This is an original vintage keyring dating from the mid to late 1950s and certainly before 1961. Neither the badge or the leather keyfob has been made by us.

As well as making our own ranges of keyrings we also source and offer vintage keyrings for sale in this website shop.

We are offering only the 2nd example of this keyring which we have ever seen over the last 10 years of dealing in vintage keyrings.

Over that period we have seen just one other similar badge in very poor condition and no longer attached to the original keyfob.

This example in this listing is in fair condition as can be seen from the photos.

The vitreous enamel badge is in good condition with some small enamel chips on the left hand edge of the badge.

These are hardly noticeable when viewed at life size but can be seen if you click on the photos which results in a magnified image.

The badge is mounted onto a triangle shaped keyfob in genuine full grain black hide which is also in fair condition but does have a small split to the right of the little leather hinge locating the badge .

Perfectly OK for the careful use which we would expect the car itself to receive – but not suitable for extended daily use.

This is an important historic item and must be regarded as such.

Almost certainly made by Castles Unit Development Co. of Castle Gate, Leicester at the time. They were the only concern making keyrings of this quality at that time and the triangle of stitching above the badge is exactly the stitching pattern which they used on their famous torpedo keyfobs.

The full grain leather is the same which they were using at the time for their torpedos and the badge is of the same size and quality with the same design of metal loop on the top of the badge.

Rare keyrings like this one can only be put into stock at a premium – and our asking price reflects this.

If it was a similar 1950s Jaguar keyring in similar condition it could be worth almost 3 times this price – and this Bristol 2 litre keyring is very much rarer than any Jaguar keyring !

Sourcing original vintage keyrings in good condition at an affordable price for cars such as Bristol, Jaguar, Ferrari, BMW, Aston Martin etc has become almost impossible.

This keyring is original & correct for use with any pre-1961 Bristol 2 litre motor car using the Bristol built derivative of the BMW M328 2 litre 6 cylinder engine.

In 1961 use of this 2 litre engine was discontinued in favour of the Chrysler 407 V8 engine which became fitted to the Bristol 407.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive ( obviously !)

When it has been sold then this listing will cancel.