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Ferrari – original vintage 1980s Schedoni keyring embossed 3.2 Mondial in used condition – collector’s item


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We are not licensed by Ferrari or any of their representatives to reproduce any of their designs .

This keyring is an original item which will have been produced in the 1980s or possibly very early 1990s .

Please note that it is in used condition as can be seen from the photos.

We have just this one example to offer ( the only example which we have ever listed¬† embossed ‘ 3.2 Mondial ‘ )

When this keyring has been sold this listing will be cancelled.

This original Ferrari keyring is an original vintage item which will date from the 1980s or very early 1990s and was made by Schedoni in Italy ( more of Schedoni later in this description )

The condition of this keyring is exactly how we like to find a 30+ year old keyring which has seen considerable use – with a vitreous enamel badge in good condition and mellowed genuine leather keyfob showing the patination of 30 or 40 years of use.

This keyring is in used condition as can be seen from the photos.

The vitreous enamel badge is in good condition with just one small enamel chip in the yellow enamel on the left hand side of the badge which can be seen in the enlarged high resolution photos.

The tan leather keyfob is of a generous thickness and has acquired that depth of colour & time-worn polished character which only many years of use can impart.

Over the years we have listed several similar Schedoni keyrings ranging from well used to mint condition but never one embossed ‘ 3.2 Mondial’ before.

We would assume that this keyring was embossed by Schedoni at the time it was produced – as it is unlikely that an owner would have the necessary hot foil press to create an emboss like this – not to mention having a copper or brass embossing die made especially for embossing just one keyring .

Maybe Schedoni made a few keyrings like this one at the time – or maybe this was a special one-off keyring produced for just one favoured customer.

This particular design of keyring ( but without the emboss ) was supplied by Ferrari over quite a long period of time – possibly from as early as the early 1970s right through into the present century .

These keyrings were made for Ferrari by Cuoio Schedoni Medina in Italy.

Schedoni’s relationship with Ferrari began in the 1970s supplying leather interiors and custom fitted leather luggage sets.

These earlier keyrings did have distinct differences from the later ones :- they had burnished & polished leather edges ( as this example has ) whilst the edges of the later keyrings were simply cropped & stained.

The links connecting the leather keyfob to the splitring were different – the earlier keyrings like this one had more delicate links which were in nickel plate rather than the later chrome plated links.

These original early Schedoni  keyrings are becoming scarce and very sought after Рlet alone with the emboss which this one has .

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

We constantly strive to offer original Ferrari keyrings and remounted examples of original Ferrari badges – but sourcing good examples of badges and keyrings has become very difficult .