Original Vintage & Restored Leather Keyrings for Classic Cars & Motorcycles


Ford Falcon – original vintage new old stock 1960s Heath Machin & Co. keyrings – collector’s items


We are not licensed by Ford Motor Company or any of their representatives to reproduce any of the registered Ford logos and badge designs.

None of the Ford badges on any of the keyrings offered for sale here in this website shop have been produced by us.

The keyrings in this listing are original vintage Ford Falcon keyrings which will have been produced around 50 years ago.

When all these keyrings have been sold this listing will be cancelled

Original 1960s Ford Falcon keyrings in mint condition are relatively rare items as few keyrings have survived in this condition after 50 years.

We have now received these incredible time-warp new old stock Ford Falcon keyrings which were produced in Walsall England in the 1960s !

The condition is absolutely mint even though these keyrings have been in store for over 50 years.

At that time almost all keyrings for the world’s cars were made in England – it was quite an industry.

The nickel plated vitreous enamel badges are mounted onto keyfobs in genuine leather with natural fibre stitching in white thread.

These keyrings have rather eclipsed every vintage Ford Falcon keyring which we have listed in the past and it would be very difficult if not impossible to improve on these as examples of genuine original vintage 1960s Ford Falcon keyrings which are original & correct for 1960 -1970 Ford Falcon.

Anyone with an interest in classic Ford Falcon motor cars would be strongly recommended to buy one of these whilst we have stock ( particularly at this price !) – as this could well be the very last ‘cache’ of original mint condition vintage Ford Falcon keyrings which will ever come to light.

The keyrings are available in 5 leather colours ( while we have stock ) – red, royal blue, tan, black & conker brown- which can be selected on the drop down menu in the listing.

These keyrings were made in Walsall, England by Heath Machin & Co who ( as well as making their own keyrings ) mounted keyfob badges onto leather keyfobs for other badgemakers including Melsom Products Ltd of Birmingham .

The badges have the name ‘Smartset’ cast onto the back of the badges – not a name which we have come across before and we can only assume that Heath Machin & Co. mounted these badges onto leather keyfobs for ‘Smartset’ – whoever they were.

Heath Machin & Co. were bought out by new owners in the very early 1970s and continued making small leather goods into the 1990s.