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Ford Maverick 4×4 – original new old stock keyring


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We are not licensed by Ford Motor Company or any of their representatives to reproduce any of the registered Ford logos and badge designs.

None of the Ford badges on any of the keyrings offered for sale here in this website shop have been produced by us.

The keyrings in this listing are original vintage Ford Maverick 4 x 4  keyrings .

When all 3 keyrings have been sold this listing will be cancelled

Just 2 keyrings left

We have just 3 of these original new old stock Ford Maverick 4 x 4 keyrings to offer which are in brand new condition.

These are original keyrings which will have been made in Birmingham at the same time that Maverick 4 x 4s  were in Ford showrooms.

The badges are in vitreous enamel – which betrays the age of these keyrings as modern keyring badges are invariably made in resin based ( plastic) enamel.

The badges are mounted onto black keyfobs which have the genuine leather symbol plainly gold-embossed …………………..but the keyfobs are not genuine leather.

They are in good quality textured faux leather. We can only assume that trades descriptions legislation was rather lax at the time.

When all 3 keyrings have been sold this listing will be cancelled.