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Hino – original vintage 1960s vitreous enamel badge remounted onto a new leather keyfob


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Original Hino keyfob badges which will have been produced in the 1960s which we have remounted onto new leather keyfobs as can be seen in the photos .

When all the keyrings with this badge have been sold this listing will be cancelled .

Just 3 keyrings left

We were astonished to discover these original vintage Hino keyfob badges !

These keyfob badges could well be the only examples which were ever made and we have just a handful to offer.

The vitreous enamel badges are in excellent condition and will be be 5o years old.

So……we are delighted to be able to offer Hino keyrings with these original vitreous enamel badges which date from the 1960s mounted onto our slimline teardrop keyfobs in black leather as can be seen in the photos.

If you are looking at this listing then you will not need to be told what a Hino vehicle is – but just for the record ……………….

In 1953, Hino entered the private car market, by manufacturing Renaults under licence, and in 1961 it started building its own Contessa 900 sedan with an 893cc rear-mounted engine, and a pickup truck called the Hino Briska with the Contessa engine slightly enlarged and installed in the front with rear wheel drive. The Italian stylist Giovanni Michelotti redesigned the Contessa line in 1964 with a 1300 cc rear-mounted engine. Fed by two SU type carburettors, this developed 60 hp (44 kW) in the sedan and 70 hp (51 kW) in the coupé version. However, Hino ceased private car production very quickly in 1967 after joining the Toyota group. In 1963, the Hamura factory began operations, and focused entirely on commercial truck and bus manufacture.

When we have sold all the keyrings then this listing will cancel.