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Jaguar – original 1960s vitreous enamel on gilt gear knob badge inlaid into a new leather keyfob


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An original Melsom Products Ltd Jaguar gear knob badge which will have been produced in the 1960s which we have inlaid into a new leather keyfob as can be seen in the photos .

We have just this one keyring with this badge currently being offered – when this keyring has been sold this listing will be cancelled .

When this keyring has been sold then we will list another one as we do have several badges which we have inlaid into new leather keyfobs .

We prefer to list each keyring individually as each badge is slightly different – in the 1960s the enamel was generally still individually hand laid with the result that no two badges were ever exactly the same – the photos show the actual keyring which you will receive .

The particular badge inlaid into this keyfob is in superb original condition .

The vitreous enamelling is as bright and lustrous as when it was fired over 50 years ago .

The bright gilt plating on the badge has mellowed over the years to give a most attractive soft ‘antique gold’ finish .

As can be seen we have fitted a splitring in a similar antique gold finish to match the mellow plating on the badge.

Badges like this one were produced by Melsom Products Ltd of Birmingham and will have been produced for inlaying into gear knobs at the time – but lend themselves to inlaying into keyrings which is something which we have done with other gear knob badges for other makes of car over the years .

The badge is marked ‘ Melsom Products Ltd Birmingham ‘ on the reverse as can be seen in the final listing photo – but this can no longer be seen of course as it is on the reverse of the badge which is now inlaid into the leather keyfob !

The badge has been bonded onto a thin oversized circular brass plate which has then been inlaid into the keyfob and stitched in .

Although not an original Jaguar keyring as such ………….. this is a superb keyring with an original vintage Jaguar badge which could be used with any Jaguar vehicle and would also very much ‘look the part’ used as a ‘retro’ keyring in a much more recent Jaguar car .

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive .