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Jaguar – original vintage 1970s/ 1980s ? black growler Renamel ? gear lever knob badge keyring


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An original Jaguar keyring which we would think will have been produced during the 1970s or 1980s .

We are listing just this one example of this keyring – when this keyring has been sold this listing will be cancelled.

We did list and sell a similar example in May 2024 .

Rather a lot of question marks in the listing title !

This keyring is difficult to date as the badge looks to be an original melsom products vitreous enamel black growler badge which was probably originally intended for use inlaid into a gear lever knob.

This has been bonded onto a plated metal mount which is mounted onto a keyfob in genuine corrected grain navy blue leather which is bonded together rather than being stitched – although ‘imitation’ stitching is moulded around the perimeter of the keyfob .

Corrected grain leather almost looks like imitation leather !

The top surface of the leather with the grain has been shaved off before finishing to reveal a consistently smooth surface .

The badge mount is marked ‘MADE IN ENGLAND ‘ in a very similar way to how Renamel marked the reverse of their badges – so it could be that the keyring has been made by Renamel of London but for the purposes of being correct we have to assume not .

The keyring is in good condition although there is some corrosion to the nickel plating on the back of the mounting plate as can be seen in the enlarged high resolution listing photos .

The vitreous enamel badge is in perfect condition .

The reverse of the leather keyfob has a couple of indents ( creases ) which can be seen in the enlarged high resolution photos .

We have seen similar keyrings for other makes of vehicle and regard these keyrings as ‘budget ‘ keyrings which were not produced to the same standards as earlier Jaguar keyrings .

However they are original keyrings and nevertheless collectible for a collector of vintage Jaguar keyrings .

The excellent quality vitreous enamel black growler badge will probably have been made by Melsom Products of Birmingham .

This badge looks to be a genuine original 1960s item – Bud Marston’s book has an example of one of these and he also describes it as having probably been intended for use as a gearshift knob badge but states that his example is unmarked with the maker’s name – possibly ours is as well but the reverse of the badge cannot be seen as it is bonded to the mounting plate .

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive .