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Land Rover Experience – original new old stock Manhattan Products keyring


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Original Land Rover Experience keyrings which we would think will have been produced in the late 1990s or early 2000s .

We have just two of these keyrings to offer – when both have been sold this listing will be cancelled .

Original Land Rover keyrings in any condition are relatively scarce items as they tended to be used on a daily basis in vehicles which were often also working vehicles and keyrings like these particularly in this condition have become very sought after .

These two keyrings are in brand new old stock mint condition and are still mounted onto their original presentation cards and are of superb quality .

We have listed and sold one or two examples of these keyrings in the past but they were both in well used condition .

The vitreous enamel badges are mounted onto keyfobs in genuine green leather with Land Rover’s famous Lode Lane address details gold embossed onto the leather beneath the badges .

The LRA ‘phone no. will be for ‘Land Rover Assistance’ – to ring for help if your vehicle breaks down .

The fact that there is no website address embossed helps to date the keyrings as after around 2005 one of these would invariably be added to the details .

A clear celluloid panel is stitched onto the back of each keyring – vehicle details could be tucked behind this .

The keyrings were made by the famous Manhattan Products Co. of Birmingham for Land Rover .

Manhattan produced the finest quality automotive keyrings from the 1970s onwards – these two keyrings are examples of the best British made automotive keyrings which were ever made – the like of which we are unlikely to ever see again …………..genuine vitreous enamel badges mounted onto genuine leather keyfobs .