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MG - original old stock 1950s vintage black enamel on gilt badge keyring




We have very few of these badges left to offer.

When all have been mounted and sold then regrettably this listing will cancel.

We have very limited stocks of this original old stock vitreous enamel gilt MG keyfob badge which dates from the 1950s.

These badges were made by Manhattan Windsor of Birmingham – now sadly closed some years ago.

Manhattan Windsor were the chosen manufacturer for most MG keyfob badges and keyrings.

Their details are cast onto the back of each of the badges.

These badges were made in the mid to late 1950s or very early 1960s and were apparently never issued – as we have never seen any examples of this exact design in circulation.

The badges are certainly date correct for MGA, ZA & ZB, MG Magnette and possibly also for very early MGB.

The badge would also be correct for TC,TD and TF – because owners would buy a keyring to use with their earlier car as keyrings became generally available in the late 1950s.

There are no hard & fast rules because owners would also buy a keyring and then use it for years in a succession of later cars.

The badges are in excellent condition after 60 years in storage . We have chosen not to polish the badges although you can if you prefer – they do polish up well.

We prefer to see them just as they are in this very pleasing old gilt finish which is just how you would expect to see them .

50 year old gilt plated keyfob badges like these just seem to have mellowed with age – it is quite uncanny – we have noticed this with other gilt plated badges.

This is something which just cannot be replicated – the condition of the badges can only be described as brand new yet they do look 50 years old !

These have to be the very best MG keyfob badges that we offer.

Available mounted onto our teardrop, slimline teardrop & classic rectangular keyfobs in all of the leather colours- but our mounting choice would always be slimline teardrop.