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MG - University Motors 1952 vintage key 'chain' by Fattorini - collector's item


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We have just this one key ‘chain’ to offer – which is the only example which we have ever seen.

This is an original key ‘chain’ dating from 1952 – it is not one of our reproductions.

In 1952,  keyrings as we know them today had not quite made an appearance. Owners sometimes used an enamel badge like this one fastened onto the ignition key by means of a short jewellery chain & clasp.

The vitreous enamel badge is in excellent condition and has the maker’s name ( Fattorini & Sons Ltd, Bradford Works, Birmingham ) cast onto the back. Fattorini obviously made good badges – because they are still there !

Additionally the original owner’s details are engraved onto the back of the enamel badge :-

Lt. Colonel P.S.F. Jackson 24-1-52

It was quite usual for ex. military & airforce and also actively serving personnel to buy MG sports cars at that time. MG’s seem to have been the serviceman’s preferred choice of motor car.

University Motors Ltd of Stratton House London W1 were main dealers f0r MG cars until the early 1950’s.
MG cars sold from their dealership were supplied with a dashboard plate and a keyring like this.

Probably originally supplied with a 2nd hand MG TC or a new MG TD or TF.

What a wonderful addition to one of those cars this keyring would make as it is original & correct for use with any of them – and particularly one which was originally supplied by University Motors Ltd.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive.

When it has been sold then this listing will cancel- and wherever will you find one like this one again ?