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Porsche – original vintage 1990s ‘heubach’ hinged crest badge keyring with slate grey keyfob


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An original Porsche keyring which we would think will have been produced in the 1990s .

Just this one keyring to offer – when it has been sold this listing will be cancelled.

This keyring is in slightly used condition and the genuine leather keyfob is in a characterful grained grey leather which gives an enhanced impression of the keyring having been used  – please see the detailed report to follow :-

These particular Porsche keyrings in good condition like this example are becoming increasingly more difficult to find .

The listed price simply reflects what we have to pay nowadays for original Porsche keyrings of this quality .

These original ‘heubach’ Porsche crest keyrings with a vitreous enamel badge hinged onto a genuine leather keyfob with a little leather strap have now become very sought after .

The keyrings were produced with a black or slate grey leather keyfob – those in slate grey leather are considered to be more collectible although the black leather version could have been produced slightly earlier .

Please do not confuse these keyrings with the modern Porsche keyrings with the badge bonded ( not hinged ) onto the surface of the keyfob

This keyring is in very good condition with a vitreous enamel badge mounted onto a keyfob in genuine dark slate grey leather with the trademark ‘plumping’ effect within the keyfob .

The vitreous enamel badge is in excellent condition with no enamel chips or surface scratches .

If the keyring has been used then the gilt plating on the badge will almost always have rubbed through to reveal the silver base metal beneath – just a ‘whiff’ of gilt plating was applied ,

The gilt plating on the raised areas of the badge on this keyring has disappeared – which tells us that the keyring has had some use .

The leather keyfob is also in excellent condition with considerable characterful ‘ vintage’ grain which can be seen in the listing photos .

These keyrings were usually produced in smooth grades of leather but sometimes leather with some considerable grain was used – as in this case .

The little leather strap which retains the badge to the keyfob is the other clue as to whether the keyring has had much use .

These leather straps protrude slightly proud of the general level of the front of the keyring and consequently receive more wear than the rest of the keyring .

The leather badge strap on this keyring is showing virtually no wear .

It is difficult to date these keyrings exactly as they had a long period of issue but we are advised by one of our customers in Germany that examples in slate grey leather will most probably date from the 1990s – we are grateful for his input.

Keyrings like this one will be original & correct for use with the final late 1980s 911 Carrera 3.2s , together with all Carrera 964 & Carrera 993 cars and also 928, 994, 968 and early Boxster & 996 .

Original examples of these keyrings do appear on internet auction sites from time to time and sometimes at exorbitant prices – but rarely in particularly good condition .

Over the last 3 years the price of classic Porsche motor cars has risen before finally levelling out -this has been reflected in the demand for original keyrings like these to accompany those cars.

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive .