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Rallye Monte-Carlebo – original vitreous enamel badge ( BMW 2002 & Austin Cooper S ) -collector’s item


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Rally Monte Carlebo 1973 original badge – BMW 2002 – Austin Cooper S.

 An original vitreous enamel badge in excellent condition as can be seen in the photos .
The badge is made from substantial non ferrous metal which has been plated in nickel plating and is in vitreous enamel .
It is 4″ ( 100mm ) wide and 1.75″ ( 44mm ) tall .
The badge has a thin brass backing plate which has been used for attaching the badge to a vehicle.
Would not think that this backing plate was originally supplied with badge – would have thought that it is a later addition.
The badge was probably originally produced for affixing onto the cars which took part in this rally which took place in Denmark in 1973 .
The rally took place between 9th & 11th February 1973 and was won by Kristensen Oluf Vester driving a BMW 2002 .
In 2nd place was Berth Erik driving a BMW 2002Ti and in 3rd place was Mortensen Jan driving an Austin Cooper S .
4th & 5th places were both taken by drivers of BMW 2002Ti cars.
A superb memento of this rally dominated by BMW 2002 cars and would be a very attractive addition to a BMW 2002 or an Austin Cooper S .