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Trabant – 21st century vitreous enamel badge mounted onto a new leather keyfob


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 A new vitreous enamel Trabant keyfob badge which will have been produced in Birmingham within the last few years which we have mounted onto a new leather keyfob as can be seen in the photos .

British made vitreous enamel badges like this one used to be generally available up until fairly recently mounted onto imitation leather keyfobs ( which is where this badge was sourced from )

This is not an original vintage badge – it will have been produced just a few years ago and is not to be confused with an original vintage badge – this badge was made much later.

We have just this one keyring with this badge to offer  – when it has been sold this listing will be cancelled.

Superb quality ‘old school’ vitreous enamel badges like this one were produced in Birmingham  – probably from the original badge dies – and were available up until quite recently .

We have remounted this badge onto a new leather keyfob in full grain black leather .

Sadly vitreous enamel badges like this one are apparently no longer produced in England .

This badge is identical to the original keyfob badges which were produced  – but this badge is not an original badge, it was produced much later .

‘ MADE IN ENGLAND ‘ marked onto the back of the badge .

New reproduction badges will now usually be produced in modern resin based enamel – not vitreous enamel like this one , but will no longer be made in England .

Maybe one day in the future beautiful quality vitreous enamel badges like these will once again be made in England ……………………..but the areas where the workshops once stood have now generally been built over with housing estates and the craftsmen with their knowledge and skills have gone .

The keyring in the photos is the actual one which you will receive