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Triumph - original new old stock 1960s Triumph World keyring with vinyl keyfob - collector's item


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Just two keyrings left

These are extremely rare Triumph keyrings dating from the 1960s- we have just 3 examples to offer.

Very few of these were originally made and we would expect that all the rest will have been discarded or lost by now.

The Triumph World badge is made of an aluminium alloy material and is mounted onto a vinyl keyfob in tan colour well provided with internal padding.

The keyrings are new old stock – so in mint condition.

Goodness knows where they will have been for the last 50 years to remain in this brand new condition.

In the 1960s vinyl was not viewed just as a leather subsitute – it was seen as a ‘cool’ new material and much more interesting than boring old leather .

Additionally it was often used for convertible cars – like the Triumph TR range – on account of it being waterproof.

If the keyring got wet – we would hate to think what was happening to the rest of the car’s interior !

When all 3 keyrings have been sold this listing will be cancelled.